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About Us

Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Severity Solutions is a national REO, Short Sale and Relocation technology solutions provider. Whether you use our Cloud-based Short Sale and REO platforms to have investors, servicers, agents and borrowers communicate more efficiently to close more sales or utilize our best of class REO and Short Sale programs in-house, Severity Solutions thinks outside of the box to help you close more transactions and reduce loss severity.

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REO Flat FeeTM

Reduce Commissions by 50%

For each REO sold, more than half of the cost to sell a property is spent on commissions. REO Net Advantage provides you with a more cost effective solution.

Guaranteed Highest Net Execution

Obtain the highest sales price at the lowest cost for every property sold.


Our back office technology provides capacities to manage your needs.

Fraud Detection & Reporting

Completely eliminate risk of losses due to pocket listings from listing agents. Our post-closing fraud monitoring will reduce risk of fraudulent flipping.


Most advanced offer negotiation technology platform in the world. This platform allows real estate agents to view each other's offer which generates the highest level of competition, resulting in the highest possible sales price.

Short Sales

Severity Solutions is proud to announce our fully cloud-based, national short sale transaction platform. Our platform allows investors, servicers, agents and borrowers to communicate more efficiently, close more sales and reduce loss severity. Some of the platform features include:
  1. A time/date stamped communicate tool.
  2. A document management system which automatically tells the borrower and negotiator what documents need to be submitted and if a specific document needs to be updated.
  3. A transparent offer submission platform which greatly reduces fraudulent activity and confusion.
  4. Full MLS monitoring.
  5. Nationwide valuations.
  6. Awesome analytics.
  7. Free software upgrades that are completed in days, not months, through our agile development architecture.
The future of Short Sales is here and it's delivered to you by Severity Solutions.

Fraud Protection

Zero Cost To You

Pay our low $150 per asset fee yourself or have the listing agent pay the fee.

Easy Implementation

Initiate our Fraud Prevention Program for your entire REO and Short Sale portfolio without effecting your current operations.

Nationwide Audit Result

Severity conducted an extensive audit of over 1000 REO sales & Short sales nationwide which showed that an average of $5,052 is being left on the table due to fraud or lack of performance by the listing agent. Click this link to see CoreLogic's article on the huge short sale fraud problem everyone is facing.

MLS Fraud Protection & Detection

We monitor for fraudulent MLS listings 24/7. Our program eliminates pocket listings during marketing and fraudulent flipping post-closing.

Occupied Sales ProgramTM - Keeping Families In Homes

Eviction Sales

Save thousands of dollars in unnecessary eviction and cash-for-keys expenses by marketing your properties while in eviction.

Tenant Sales

Investors value and pay more for income properties. Allow Severity Solutions to assist you with the marketing and sale of your tenant occupied properties and receive full market exposure with the highest returns.

Stabilize Neighborhoods

Vacant properties are a blight on local communities. Keeping families in the home helps strengthen neighborhoods and stabilize property values.


Our REO Occupied Sales programs are flexible to meet your needs, regardless of your existing programs.

More Savings

We can work directly with your listing agent or you can utilize our REO Net Advantage program, passing even more savings on to you!


Virtual Negotiation Table

Our patented technology makes the negotiation and transaction of real estate fully transparent for all parties.

Data On Demand

Our online analytic reporting system delivers the information you need to know 24/7.


Severity Solutions offers relocating employees the same technology provided to the largest financial institutions in the world to sell their homes. It's simple, efficient and generates more revenue for your company and/or more savings for your clients / transferees.

  • View LIVE offers submitted by buyers through our Virtual Negotiation Table.
  • Sell homes without sacrificing service or performance for only 2.5% total commission.
  • The home is published in the local MLS and top real estate websites.
  • Receive world class customer service.